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Trinity Sales and Lettings are your local independent estate and letting agents. We have won multiple awards for our excellent customer service skills and are proud to offer a more personal approach to selling or letting your property. Our tight-knit team are experienced in all aspects of residential property including specialist HMO & Block Management. Located in North Wakefield we are the agent of choice for Outwood, Stanley, Lofthouse, Wrenthorpe and East Ardsley. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and we are more than happy to go the extra mile to ensure your property journey is stress-free. Give us a try, we’re here to help.


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The Renters Reform Bill

On 16th June 2022, the Department for Levelling up put forward their plans for a 'fairer private rented sector' in the form of a white paper, which you can read here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-fairer-private-rented-sector. The Renters Reform Bill sets out the government's long-term vision and is set to shake up the rental market like never before, aimed at regulating landlords and granting further safeguards to tenants. The legislation is expected to be introduced before the next parliamentary session (Autumn 2023).So, just what can we expect as part of The Renters Reform Bill? 1. Removal of Section 21 'no fault' evictions At present, a Section 21 notice can be served at any time during a periodic (rolling) tenancy. This will be removed entirely, meaning landlords will only be able to evict a tenant under reasonable circumstances. Section 8 notices, which require the landlord provide and prove their reasoning for evicting their tenant, will remain but will be reformed. A new mandatory ground for repeated serious rent arrears will be added, making eviction mandatory when a tenant has been in at least two months' rent arrears three times within the previous three years, regardless of the arrears balance at the time of the possession hearing. A second new ground has also been proposed for landlords who wish to sell their property and for those who want to move back into the property or allow family members to move into it. 2. Periodic tenancies will become standard Currently there are two main tenancy types, assured tenancies and assured shorthold tenancies, the latter being the more common. The proposed changes will move all tenants onto a single system of periodic tenancies. Tenants will then need to provide two months' notice when ending the tenancy, which the government hope will "ensure landlords can recoup the costs of finding a tenant and avoid lengthy void periods". The white paper suggests the changes to periodic tenancies will be done in two stages, with six months' notice provided before changes are implemented and new tenancies being the first affected, all tenancies following after. 3. Rent increase notice periods will be doubled The minimum notice period a landlord will be required to give when increasing the rent will be two months. Plans to end the use of rent review clauses are also included within the bill. 4. Tenants will be given more rights to keep pets The government plans to ensure landlords cannot unreasonably withhold consent for their tenant to keep a pet in the property, the tenant will have the right to challenge any refusals. Amendments are to be made to the Tenant Fees Act 2019, allowing landlords to insist their tenant takes out pet insurance, meaning any damage to their property should be covered.  5. A blanket ban on landlords refusing tenants with children and those in receipt of benefits It will become illegal for landlords and letting agents to ban families with children and tenants in receipt of benefits, 'NO DSS' can no longer be featured in property adverts. The paper also states the government will "explore if similar action is needed for other vulnerable groups, such as prison leavers". 6. A private landlord ombudsman Currently, The Property Ombudsman and the Property Redress Scheme are the two bodies regulating property agents in the UK. The paper sets out plans for a single government-approved ombudsman covering all private landlords who let their property in England - whether they use a letting agent or not. Membership to the scheme will be mandatory. Much like the powers of the TPO and PRS, the ombudsman will be able to compel landlords to issue a formal apology, take remedial action or pay compensation up to £25,000. 7. A new Property Portal for private landlords and tenants The portal will be introduced to "provide a single 'front door' to help landlords understand and demonstrate compliance with their legal requirements". At this stage the full nature of the portal is yet to be revealed, but it intends to ensure tenants have a clear picture of the property they are renting before they commit. It will also allow local authorities to ensure compliance is fully observed by landlords and hand out banning orders to those in breach. 8. Introduction of minimum housing standards The application of the Decent Homes Standard, which currently only applies to the social housing sector, will be widened. The Decent Homes Standard states that homes must be free from serious health ans safety hazards and landlords must keep homes in a good state of repair, ensuring rents have clean, appropriate and useable facilities. There is also intention to expand Rent Repayment Orders in an attempt to cover repayments for non-decent homes. Periodic tenancies will enable tenants to terminate their tenancy without remaining liable for rent in unsafe accommodation. Now, more than ever, having an expert letting agent to guide you through the process is essential. If you wish to discuss the proposed changes, or have any other property related questions, contact our Lettings Manager Jake at jake@trinitysandl.com or call our office on 01924 609811. *This blog is intended as a guide only and does not constitute legal advice*.

Published by on     Jan 19 , 2023

Whens the Best time to put your property on the market ?

There is a dance we do when it comes to buying and selling a property! In most cases, you’ll want to sell your property first and then buy another property second because this means having a greater deposit to work with and enough funds to cover all your moving costs. If you sell at the right time, then you can potentially sell your house fast and for the asking price or, if you can start a bidding war between multiple interested parties, in some cases, greater than the asking price. Seasonal Selling: Housing Market and Selling Expectations Spring Spring is a great time to sell and traditionally is the season when lots of properties come to market. Potential buyers are not away enjoying their summer holidays, there is that feeling of warmth and renewal in the air, and in general, many people want to move during this season simply because it means they can settle into their new home during the warmer, more pleasant months of the year. Summer Summer has windows of opportunity for selling your home but it’s important to understand that this is also a time when families will be preoccupied either with taking care of their children who are off from school, or away on holiday. That said, many people do have extra time in the summer due to taking time off work and may potentially fit viewing houses into their schedules. Autumn Like Spring, Autumn is another traditionally great time to sell. Try to get your property up and ready – clean it, declutter it and stage it – before the summer ends. This way, you can get it on the market by late August ready to woo those fresh September buyers! Winter Winter is busy with preparations for Christmas, which means that after December 1st you may see buyer activity slowing down. Come January though, the market usually picks up again ready for that all important leap back into Spring! Other Considerations When Putting Your Home on the Market It’s not only the season that can make a difference to the best time to put your home on the market. These other factors also play a part: Planning Works Nearby If there are big road works or building works going on outside your property, you might want to wait until these are completed. Objectively, it should only improve the value of your home, so it may be worth holding off! Conversely, you could also use planning works in progress to boost the value of your home whilst it’s on the market. For example, if new transport links are being built nearby this could attract more buyers to your property. Be aware of what is being done near you so that you know whether to wait or whether you can use it to boost value. The Housing Market In some cases, the housing market will be booming, and the value of properties will be so high you will want to ensure you take advantage of this and get a sale as fast as you can. In this case, it is best to hire professionals to come in and deep clean and stage your home so you can sell it fast, whilst the market is hot. The Economy A recession or political uncertainty is always going to have an impact when selling your home, but you do have other options whilst you wait for the ideal time to put your house on the market. If your mortgage is entirely paid up, you could rent your property out until the best time to sell. This way you can also benefit from an income. If you want to rent out your home but still have a mortgage, then you will need to speak with your lender to get the necessary permissions and switch to a buy to let mortgage. Be Prepared in Advance No Matter What Of course, you want to sell, above all else, so whatever the season, it’s important to be ready. This means having your finances in order, getting your home in order, decorating and making minor improvements and repairs, and ensuring your property looks its absolute best and so attracts views. A house that is ready to be sold is far more attractive to buyers than one that is not! If you are considering putting your house in Wakefield on the market, talk to us at Trinity Property Marketing on 01924 609811 for the best possible advice.

Published by on     Aug 23 , 2020

Our latest reviews from

Jason was absolutely fantastic, has great interaction with people and made everything so easy and settling. Explained everything in detail to us which was much appreciated!!

5 March, 2024

Rachael Paterson

Jason was absolutely fantastic, has great interaction with people and made everything so easy and settling. Explained everything in detail to us which was much appreciated!!

28 February, 2024

Rachael Paterson

I want to express my gratitude to Trinity lettings for their outstanding service. From the beginning they showed professionalism, efficiency and a genuine commitment to meeting my housing needs. Their communication was prompt and clear. I am appreciating their personalized attention and care they provided. I highly recommend Trinity letting and Mr. Jason to anyone seeking housing needs

9 December, 2023

Jobin Jose

A very professional letting agency who always strive to do the best for their customers. The 1 issue I experienced was resolved very quickly and to the best o my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend Trinity.

27 October, 2023

Gary Stanley

I have recently moved from student lets to residential and needed a tenant for my new property. Jason at Trinity has gone above and beyond to get me the right tenant and his communication has been great. His local knowledge is priceless, would 100% recommend Trinity.

10 October, 2023

Clare Zarowski

Extremely supportive agency. They’ve managed to be helpful all time whilst we’ve been staying at our previous property. Simply the best! Special thanks to Jason who’s been absolutely amazing in communicating, directing and supporting us during our stay.

6 October, 2023

Daniel Godoroja

Really helpful and made everything easy from signing up, to finishing with them. Would use them again wherever possible.

13 September, 2023

Mark Huggins

Fantastic service, will definitely use Trinity Sales & Letting again.

25 August, 2023

Susan Clacker

I have used Trinity for a long time now and despite only having a small number of properties they have always shown care and professionalism. The recent team of Holly and Jason have been very helpful and responsive. Thank you.

21 August, 2023

Chris Cooke

As a first time landlord I was completely new to everything and needed lots of help. I have been lead through the whole process with guidance and advice at every stage. Very professional and friendly.

15 August, 2023

Samantha Shaw

Trinity sales and lettings (Jason) was easy to deal with and very pleasant. Always quick to reply and very helpful when we had any questions. Would definitely recommend this company to use as they are hassle free and help you every step of the way. Thank you for finding us our home:)

14 August, 2023

Katie Gee

We have been having some challenges with various things in one of our properties with Trinity and the team has been more than fantastic, pro active in trying to resolve issues, kept me updated, also listening when I had a concern. Our property is in good hands. Thanks for all the hard work team, a special shout out to Jason who has been a trooper. Thank you

13 August, 2023

JB Will Properties

I wouldn\'t hesitate in recommending Trinity Sales and Lettings to any landlord Jason has been absolutely fantastic providing a professional dedicated service finding us a lovely tenant and keeping us informed and updated throughout the process.

17 July, 2023

Amanda Bratton

Jason was most helpful in helping me look at properties to rent. Very informative and professional.

14 July, 2023

Josh Halsall

I let a property through Trinity recently. They found me a good tenant at a fair rent quickly and communicated progress with me regularly.

10 July, 2023


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