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  • "I inherited a 10 Bed HMO which needed lots of work to get it habitable and pass for a HMO licence. Being based in london management was near impossible. The existing tenants were not paying their rent and the whole property was deteriorating. Trinity helped me get rid of the bad tenants, arrange all the improvements necessary to gain the licence and attract a better standard of tenant who pays their rent on time. I'd like to thank Chelsee and the team at trinity for all their help and great advice."

    M. Berger

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HMO’s require specialist management and marketing in order for them to run smoothly and minimise voids.

Many estate agents say they do HMO’s but in reality most try to manage & market them the same as they would a single let property and they market them on the web portals where typically room hunters don’t look.

At Trinity we know that HMO properties and tenants require a different approach that’s why we market rooms on different portals where house sharers look. We also manage the properties differently using fit for purpose contracts and regular inspections to make sure every HMO runs smoothly.

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